The Cymax Story

      Cymax Digital was established in Canada in 1997 and then an Asian branch was set up in Hong Kong in 1998.  In the early days of our company's establishment, the main business was to provide OEM display equipments in the Asia market, such as high-definition projectors, display walls, video controllers, etc. All products were from world-renowned OEM manufacturers.  

      Our business was constantly changing as it moved from the analog to the digital age. Since 1997, our company has also been involved in several video product projects for the transaction of television broadcast signals from analog (PAL/NTSC) to digital high definition (HDTV). Our products included Line Doubler/De-Interlacer and Video Scaler processors. In 1998, our company cooperated with Zenith, one of the companies that developed the HDTV broadcast format in the United States, to showcase digital HDTV equipment in the AV Show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, it was the first company in Asia to demonstrate HDTV, allowing Asian public to experience true high-definition picture quality for the first time.

      In early 2004, in order to adapt to the revolution of digital audio-visual products, our company established a consumer digital product R&D department, engaged in the development and production of this field. Products included HDMI extenders, splitters, matrix switchers and wireless transmission products for digital video signals, as well as digital audio equipment using TI DSPs and related chipsets.

      Since then, our company has continuously adjusted positioning of the market revolution, shifting back from consumer products to industrial equipment projects, including the development and research of digital cinema equipments, and has also participated in projects such as 3D Cinema and 360-Degree Surround-Screen Virtual Reality Display.

      At the end of 2019, our company began to gradually prepare for the digital streaming and wireless era, mainly engaged in the development of digital power amplifiers, streaming media products, wireless audio transmission and other related products. Selecting and matching different high-quality   components to create state-of-the-art products is our company's belief, and realize the values that our company has always adhered to: striving for perfection.