About Cymax Digital

● Digital Age

      Our life has entered the digital age, through the continuous innovation of mobile devices, computers and network technology, individuals have the ability to freely transmit information and obtain information in a timely manner, which was difficult or impossible in the past.  But now everyone has to meet the advent of this revolutionary era.


● Digital World

      Digital technology is advancing faster than any innovation in human history, covering 70% of the world's population in just a few decades, while causing a paradigm shift in home entertainment. Through digitally connection, many families can watch and listen to a wide variety of high-quality audio and video materials from around the world anytime, anywhere.


● HD Formats/360° Sound

      Thanks to the digital evolution, not only audio and video signals transformed into fully digital for better transmission and storage, both also evolved into high resolution with superior sound and image than ever before. During this period, audio format has enchanced to 24-bit/192 KHz bitrate, coupled with the birth of a new DSD format, accheiving master studio quality for music lovers. Meanwhile, video format has increased to 4K resolution and beyond as well as increasing surround sound channels capable of simulating 360-degree panoramic sound, providing moviegoers with a true cinematic experience.


● Advantages of Streaming

      With the advancement of technology, capacity of storage media has rapidly increased and streaming media service with higher bandwidth became reality. The public can now access huge libraries of songs, sports events, TV shows and movies from many streaming media services whenever they want via the internet. By using their streaming devices, they can enjoy these high-quality contents with their family in real time without waiting for the entire file to download first.


● The convenience of wireless

      Most traditional home theater systems use wired connections.  When it comes to installing a 360-degree surround system such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, the wiring can be complicated, and sometimes quite messy.  With the development of wireless audio technology, the sound quality is now much improved and the delay is smaller. By using wireless technology, it is more convenient and neater to acheive 360-degree surround in your living room.


● Company Philosophy and Values

      Unlike video signal, audio signal can have a few negative effects on the original sound quality when digitized. Many music enthusiasts claim that digital sound is cooler, too sterile, less musical and lack of emotion than analog. In addition, wireless audio transmission will also cause some problems such as interference and delay. The goal of our company is to overcome these shortcomings. We firmly believe that it is our mission to provide and preserve a true visual and sonic experiences in today's digital world. That's why we develop every component with a clear goal in mind: Perfection in image & sound and design at all times.


● Modern Design

      It is always in our mind that technology isn't designed to be hidden away, but to be a stylish addition to any room. Impeccable design makes our products that blend in seamlessly with your modern home while allows you to enjoy high-performance audio and video experiences.


● Quality Assurance

      To achieve absolute quality in our products, we combine state-of-the-art technology, the best electronic components and craftsmanship. Prior to assembly, we select only the best components that meet our tightly defined tolerances. At the end of the manufacturing process each component is burned in and thoroughly measured. For this purpose, over 200 computer-assisted measurements are performed before and after the seven-day burn-in period. A component only enters the final test phase if the measurements show no deviation. Afterwards, the device has to pass our Cymax high standard test before shipping.