CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro Stereo Digital Power Amplifier

CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro Stereo Digital Power Amplifier

CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro Stereo Digital Power Amplifier

CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro Stereo Digital Power Amplifier
  • CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro Stereo Digital Power Amplifier CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro Stereo Digital Power Amplifier CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro Stereo Digital Power Amplifier CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro Stereo Digital Power Amplifier CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro Stereo Digital Power Amplifier CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro Stereo Digital Power Amplifier CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro Stereo Digital Power Amplifier

        CY-1ET7040SA-02 Pro is a spectacular stereo digital power amplifier in our Pro series, capable of driving high performance loudspeakers with demanding power requirements. Powered by 2 pcs of Purifi Audio's latest generation 1ET7040SA modules, this amplifier delivers extraordinary musical performance with its superb detail, resolution and soundstage, as well as ultra-low noise distortion and extremely fast transient response. To get the most out of the 1ET7040SA's capabilities, our custom-designed buffer board features the cutting-edge Sparkos Labs SS78XX and SS79XX discrete voltage regulators, eliminating any unnecessary noise and interference before the power reaches the Op amps of this buffer board, thus supplying a pure and clean power to the module. Combined with a choice of Op Amps such as Sparkos Labs or Sonic Imagery operating in full Class-A, the sound is richer, denser and more delicate while adding warmth and depth. By using our built-in LPS-AUX02B-2H auxiliary linear power module, versatile power supply functions are implemented to make this amplifier even more powerful. The main function of this power module is to further improve the efficiency of the buffer board, taking the audio performance of this amplifier to another level. With two sets of internal power supplies, it independently powers the buffer board of each channel to secure that the Op amps of each channel obtain the most stable current supply. To further bring the power quality closer to perfection, each set of power supplies uses an audiophile-quality linear power supply to power the buffer board, which perfectly complements its ultra noise reduction SS78XX/SS79XX voltage regulators, ensuring that the Op amps draw the purest and cleanest power in the entire power chain. In addition, a variety of efficient power management functions are also provided, including the ability to control the power state of the main power supply and support for 12V trigger control switch functions. The main power for this amplifier in the Pro Series is supplied by 2 pcs of Hypex SMPS1200A400 switching power supplies that perfectly match with the 1ET7040SA, creating a true dual mono design to maximize its performance so that when listening to songs with large dynamic ranges such as jazz or classical music, each channel has continuous of power supply.


        In the standard configuration of our Pro series, each buffer board of this amplifier comes with a pair of studio-grade Sparkos Labs SS2590 full-discrete Class-A audiophile Op amps, and all connectors are equipped with our carefully selected high quality components, including red copper speaker post and power IEC inlet from Furutech. Independent from the power IEC inlet, the audiophile-grade Schurter fuse socket also allows customers to upgrade with different types of audiophile-grade fuses according to their own preferences. Benefiting from internal structure of the modular configuration, Op amps can be replaced with equivalent Sonic Imagery 990Enh upon customers request. Not just limited to Op amps, customers can also choose to upgrade other components, including power IEC inlet, XLR Socket and speaker post as well as Neotech 7N UP-OCC copper internal cable and other accessories. In order to allow users to have a better experience during the operation, most of the functions of this amplifier can be controlled through the LCD display button on the front panel, such as system on/off, gain setting, input selection, etc. In addition, all of our amplifiers also employ a new symmetrical internal and rear panel layout to keep the internal wiring as short as possible.



Sound Channel : Stereo System
Module:Purifi Audio 1ET7040SA (1 pc per channel)
Power Module:Hypex SMPS1200A400 (1 pc per channel; true dual mono system)
Auxiliary Power Module:LPS-AUX02B-2H (1 pc); provides independent linear power supply for each channel's op amp and power management functions
Buffer Board:Employed Sparkos Labs SS78XX and SS79XX Discrete Regulator (1 pair per channel)
Operational Amplifier:Sparkos Labs SS2590 (1 pair per channel); Optional Sonic Imagery 990Enh
Power : 250W 8 ohm
 500W 4 ohm
 950W 2 ohm
SNR:    129dB
Frequency Response: 0-50KHz + 0 / -3dB
   20-20KHz +/-. 01dB
Low Distortion:  THD+N <0.00035% @ 200W, 4Ω, 1kHz
Input Impedance: 51K
Gain: 20/27dB (Select by control button)
Efficiency:  > 94%
Input:   ⅩLR Balanced X 2 Sets (Select by control button)
Control Button:0.99" LCD Color Screen Knob
Case: All-aluminum (Silver or Black)
Dimension: 430mm (W) X 318mm (D) X 90mm (H)
430mm (W) X 344mm (D; including posts) X 103mm (H; including legs)
Weight:  ~14kg (net weight)
~15kg (gross weight)
Warranty: 2 years


Configuration Options

  • 2 Channels
  • SS2590
    990Enh +$165
  • 2 Sets
  • Support
  • 0.99
  • Red Copper Gold Plated
    Red Copper Rhodium Plated +$23
    WBT 0703CU +$60
  • Neutrik Gold Plated XLR X 2 Sets
    Furutech Rhodium Plated XLR (upgrade 1 set only) +$67
  • Furutech Gold Plated
    Furutech Rhodium Plated +$8
    Furutech NCF Rhodium Plated +$12
  • Schurter
  • Pure Copper Silver Plated
    Neotech UP-OCC +$37
  • 110V
  • US 3-Pin
    National 3-Pin
    UK 3-Pin
    EU Type
  • Silver
- +
USD $1,999.00/台 Stock 30